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You’ve Got Mail! Ways to Use a Decorative Post Box

Trendy and functional is something I look for when shopping for decor. I value things that have a purpose other than just looking good! Don’t get me wrong, I purchase a fair amount of decor that is solely for looks, but it’s important to mix it up with practicality. Trendy post boxes serve so many purposes that are useful and stylish. Let me show you!

Styling Post Boxes

ways to use decorative post boxes

Post boxes are unique because they are untraditional decor pieces. Before working at KP,  I never once looked at a post box/mail box/etc. and thought “oh that would look good IN the house with some flowers.” NEVER. But then I discovered that sprucing up a post box is fun and pretty creative. Add floral, twigs, picks, etc. for an every day look or change it with the seasons. Awhile ago I talked about  creative ways to display florals  and I would like to formally add post boxes to that list! Post boxes give your home a vintage feel, and that will never go out of style!

white post box

Seasonal styling is so pretty! Something about post boxes just exudes a little Christmas vibe when paired with the right accessories. Just add some pine picks, cardinals, etc. and you have a beautiful Christmas post box!

Stylish Practicality

This is my favorite way to use the post box. Probably because at my house, we are notorious for having piles of mail. Seriously, unopened, junk, flyers, etc. We bring the mail in, put on the table, and it is basically forgotten. Having a post box on the kitchen wall, or even on the back of the front door is fantastic because you can put the mail in it and the table stays clutter free! Bonus: it looks cute 😉! My table will be clear and Isabella will have more room for her crayons and coloring books! (If it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?!)

And what do you typically do with all those Christmas cards?! BOOM. This year, put them in the post box , surround it with pine or lights, and you have a little festive display that will help keep those cards out of the way!

green post boxAlright, this one isn’t a post box but it’s brand new for KP and I fell in love. It’s the same idea, keep things stowed away and looking organized. And how cool is an oversized, galvanized envelope!

galvanized envelope

Which post box do you want in your home and what would be your favorite way to use it? Tell me in the comments!


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