fall centerpiece diy

Two Fun & Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces

I love a good centerpiece! They make your table look so put together and fresh. Take me to a furniture store and I’ll want to buy every table that is displayed with a centerpiece. That’s just a fact. But to be completely honest with you, my current “centerpiece” is a pile of mail, surrounded by various cups, Goldfish crackers, a few toys, and dried yogurt fingerprints. My house tends to be in a constant state of chaos. I think that is what motivated me to create these centerpieces. “Those who can’t have…create.” Haha!

These are totally inspiring me to get my life together, or at least my dining room table, and make room for a gorgeous, easy to make, centerpiece! Check it out and let me know the current state of your table!

Now Serving: the Center of Attention

wooden tray fall centerpiece

Full disclosure, when I had the idea to use the Ivory Wood Tray, my brain was not computing the measurements correctly at all.  I mean, 24″ wide by 11½” deep and 6″ high (including the handle), is a pretty decent size, right?! But yet, I was still pretty surprised when I got it. I thought “oh boy, how am I going to fill this and create something that doesn’t look like fall threw up all over it?!”

It was a struggle! I almost gave up with an exasperated toss of a pumpkin, and a fallen leaf to the ground. But in stepped our wonderful KP photographer to help turn my vision into a gorgeous reality. So thankful for her! She found this NEW Black Cage Lantern to be the focal point. It’s sleek, modern, totally farmhouse, and only $17.49! I love it.

I used quite a bit of florals here because I really wanted a lot of warm fall colors. Here’s what I used: Sunflower bunch (you get 6 in one bundle!), Golden Maple Leaf & Berry Spray, 5/set Mini Pumpkins & Gourds, Mixed Fall Wheat & Grass Branch, and a Mini Maple & Berries Pick. Some of these picks/sprays and branches are pretty long, so lots of bending and fluffing was involved to make this look. So keep that in mind!

Man, I was a fall floral picking machine, wasn’t it?! I’d love to see what you fill your wooden tray with!

Petite Farmhouse Centerpiece

galvanized tray centerpiece for fall

Working with the Washed Galvanized Candle Tray was a total downsize from the ivory tray I used earlier. It’s still a very decent size, measuring 2” high by 16” wide and 4” deep. I could definitely see myself putting this on my table (once it gets cleaned), or even on our mantle! That is what is great about its size; it doesn’t take up much space and feels nice and cozy!

The Birch Luminara Candle was the first thing I knew I wanted in the tray. I just love the texture of the birch, and it just gives off a relaxed and welcoming vibe. Luminaras are so cool with a dancing, flickering “flame” that replicates the real thing. I love this safe alternative to open flame candles, because I don’t have to worry about curious little fingers going where they shouldn’t!  I used three Mini Maple & Berries Picks to fill up the tray and then nestled in the candle and two small Orange Pumpkins.

Are you warm, cozy, and ready for fall now?! You know, this tray would look fantastic with some bright, fun, summer florals too! The mix of industrial galvanized metal with eye-catching florals. #swoon. I’ll definitely try to revisit this item and share some different ideas!

Fall Into Savings

With all this talk about fall decorating and Labor Day just around the corner, I think it’s a good time to remind you of some sales that KP has going on! Select candles are 20% off, and we have added NEW ITEMS to our Fall & Halloween Closeout Sale.fall closeout sale

Tell me about your fall decorating plans! Also, head over to our Facebook page and answer my question, “When does fall start for you?”

fall centerpieces

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