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To Have & To Hold: Finding the Perfect Purse

I am such a “typical” girl when it comes to purses. There have been times that I’ve had over 10 purses and wallets! What the heck?! In my defense, you know you have to have a different purse for various occasions: fancy, casual, small, large, backpack, colorful, neutral tones, crossbody…you get the point.  KP Creek offers a variety of purses that will meet the functional and fashionable needs of everyone. Purses make great gifts too! Many of KP’s purses are made of recycled materials so you will be eco-friendly as well as fashionable!

A Style for Everyone

KP has a wide variety of purses that will meet all your functional, and stylish needs. There are great every day purses, seasonal totes, purses that make a statement, and more. I would appreciate getting a round of applause for having self-control and not leaving work every day with a new bag!

I think everyone has a need for a purse or wallet. Yes, we all have pockets to hold small necessities but sometimes you need to carry more, sometimes you want to be a bit more fashionable. So I can guarantee that there’s a style of purse here for you!  I am highlighting only a few bags from a few different styles that KP carries. Be sure to let me know which style is your favorite1

The freeing Crossbody Purse

crossbody purses

Crossbody purses are so versatile; they come in casual styles, “flashy” styles, and more. They are for those days when you don’t need to cart around a ton of stuff, but just the essentials, a small snack, and of course lip gloss. I love crossbody purses because they are lightweight and my arms and hands are free.

Style & Functionality with shoulder bags

shoulder bag purses

Shoulder bags are fantastic because they are so roomy! So this is a great style for someone who likes to carry a lot of items. My personal favorite is the Cruz Shoulder Bag  it has backpack style straps, which makes it easy to carry and still be stylish! It can easily double as a diaper bag too. I prefer the backpack style bags because it leaves my hands and arms completely free to wrangle Isabella! It’s also a good option for college students, or a trendy way to take your work to the office! Style meets functionality with roomy shoulder bags!

Carry it All in a Tote!

tote bag purses

Tote bags are even roomier than the shoulder bags! When I think of tote bags I think of days at the beach, light grocery shopping, and play dates at the park. Tote bags aren’t my “go-to” for every day. I tend to use them when I need more than the essentials. Like for the park or beach we might need a towel and blanket, water bottles, snacks, and of course toys for Isabella! They come in handy for overnight stays too if you don’t want to bust out the luggage!

Dainty Accessories



Perhaps you are a minimalist and really only need to carry the bare necessities: ID, money, credit cards, and phone. These dainty bags are an excellent choice! When I go the wristlet option, it’s because I don’t want to worry about losing the little things under all the other stuff that I toss in my larger purses. I also use a wristlet as my wallet that I can toss in my purse or diaper bag! No one wants to look like a bag lady so the wristlet is essential for me when I am carting around Isabella’s diaper bag.

What’s your style?

Tell me about your preferred purse style! Would any of these be a great option to give as a gift for an upcoming event/holiday? I know I get thrilled when I get purses as gifts! What about you?

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