There’s No Better Friend Than A Mom

I know, I know, that title is cheesy, right? Hear me out though. The older I get the more I realize that my mom is my BFF! And that bond continues to get stronger now that I’m a mother. I call her every day, she tells me about her latest craft projects, she gives great advice about Isabella, she has my back always and forever. And alright, yes, I am a LOT like her! She is my anchor. I hope that Isabella and I have that same kind of bond as she continues to grow. With all this love and appreciation that I am oozing out over my mom, it’s a good time to mention that Mother’s Day is May 13. The way the year has been going, it will be here before we know it.

Momma + Little Lydia

Wedding day smiles!

New grandma! 2016 

Shopping for mom

Every year, I struggle with deciding the perfect gift for my mom. Gone are the days of proudly handing her a crayon drawn portrait to show my love and appreciation. Oh the simple times! Moms are so hard to shop for, I ask her all the time what she wants or needs, and you can all guess what that answer is… “Nothing. Whatever you want to get me will be fine.” Classic mom response, right?! If your mom is like mine, and you struggle year after year for ideas, let KP Creek help you with some fantastic ideas for your mom, a new mom, and even grandma.

My mom has a lot of decorative items, trinkets, pictures, flowers, etc. That might be something else that is a total “mom thing;” you become a bit more interested in home decor. Those little touches can really help turn a house into a home, and let’s be honest, that task is usually reserved for momma!

So I have definitely given my fair share of “Mom” trinkets, and now that she is a grandma…woo-wee! There are just so many heartwarming, and funny ones out there that I just can’t pass up. Here are a few of my favorites.  Isabella did give grandma that “TGIF” block for Christmas!

When all else fails…choose FLOWERS!

So maybe your mom isn’t into decorative trinkets, and simply won’t budge in giving you ideas of what she wants. You can never really go wrong with flowers! My mom has a total green thumb. A garden outside around the porch, veggies in the backyard, and various plants inside. I hope that when I get a house, that I have at least half the green thumb she does.

A great option when giving flowers is creating a faux floral display; faux flowers are a game changer. How often have you gotten flowers and thought, “Oh great, now I have to find a vase, then I have to try to remember to water this thing so it doesn’t die…” I mean, flowers are beautiful, but like I said, I don’t really have much of a green thumb (yet). So I know I appreciate something that is gorgeous and needs minimal care!

More to Come

So my intention here was to get you thinking about Mother’s Day, tell you a little about my mom, and give you a glimpse into the great gifts that KP has to offer.

I want to hear about the important women in your life. Tell me what they like, what you love about them, your favorite memories! I want to help you create the perfect gift to give on Mother’s Day! KP Creek has something for every kind of mom, so drop a message and tell me about her.

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