One Pan + Seasonal Decor = Endless Options

Inspiration for a blog post can hit at any time.  My latest hit was while I was working on the volume seven interactive catalog.  I was going through checking links, business per usual, and entered in item number G11441 for a seemingly plain rusty scrapple pan. You might look at that and think, "Ok, cool. … Continue reading One Pan + Seasonal Decor = Endless Options

Seabreeze pip

DIY: Unique Mason Jar Keepsake

Raise your hand if you love mason jars!  In our opinion, a mason jar is  the quintessential country and farmhouse decor piece.  We put a simple display together that will make a great gift, or a perfect mantle piece (if you can't seem to part with it!).  When we say simple, we mean only need … Continue reading DIY: Unique Mason Jar Keepsake

DIY: Summer Wreath Styles

Wreaths are a fun and easy way to put your personality on display for everyone to see.  It’s easy to buy something that’s already put together, but it’s so much more fun and personal to create your own.  I personally love DIY, I just haven’t had as much time lately with a super mobile eight-month-old … Continue reading DIY: Summer Wreath Styles

#MagazineMatch Americana Inspiration

We’ve all seen something in a magazine or online that we wish we had in our closet, or that we wish we could do in our home.   Sometimes actually making that happen isn’t always possible because that outfit might be too expensive or you aren’t sure where you can get the products (at a … Continue reading #MagazineMatch Americana Inspiration