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Style on a Budget: Top 10 Fall Items Under $20!

Who doesn’t love a good deal? For example, you know at Target, when you first come in they have the “deals” area right there? IT’S A MAGNET. I always have to stop there and see what they have. Don’t you?  I gathered up some of KP’s best-sellers for fall. You are going to want these in your home to create a nice fall vibe. The best part? THEY ARE ALL UNDER $20!! Everything can easily fit into any budget! (pause for cheers and applause).

Deals for Any Budget!

best selling fall items under 20

I want to make it clear that these items AREN’T on SALE. The prices aren’t for a “limited time only.” They are always priced under  $20!

These are their actual prices!

And with that said, they are going to go fast. They’re already selling pretty quickly, so don’t miss your chance to bring these great items home this season!

The Top 10 List! (in ascending Price order)

Scented Mini Pumpkins ($5.99)

scented pumpkins

Scented Mini Pumpkins are multi-functional! They are a unique home fragrance option; filling your home with a light sweet and spicy scent that is perfect for fall. The pumpkins will look great in a bowl, plate, or jar as a centerpiece! They can instantly become part of your autumn decor!


Resin Mummy w/Pumpkins ($8.79)

resin mummy

I mean, how could you not want this adorable little resin figure?! The happy mummy has a little bow on her head and she balances between two pumpkins that collectively say, “You can’t scare me…I’m a mummy.” What a perfect little gift for Halloween or even a first time mom!

Amazing Grace Tray ($8.99)

amazing grace tray plate

The Amazing Grace Tray is painted with beautiful, fall colors that will give your home an added warmth. Couple that with the “Amazing Grace” phrase and you have an accent that you can display all year long! 


Halloween Countdown Calendar ($8.99)

halloween countdown calendarThis magnetic countdown calendar is a top-seller every year! It’s adorable, interactive, and practical for all you Halloween lovers. It’s a good gift for parents with little ones. You can make moving the little magnetic pumpkin part of your bedtime routine with the kids! I think Isabella would like moving it down the calendar each night. Granted it’d be a bit more exciting for her once she knows what Halloween is, and she starts to look forward to trick-or-treating! Right now, it’s just a just a good photo op with her in whatever little costume we get her!


Pumpkin Stoneware Pottery ($11.99)

stoneware pottery

This pottery is handmade in Ohio! Considering that, no two pieces of pottery will be the same! Each one will be truly unique in some way. The speckled brown pot features a hand-painted pumpkin making it the perfect small fall accent. You can use this for so many things! Put a battery-operated votive or tealight in it, turn it into a festive candy dish, or store some of your office supplies!

Happy Harvest Pumpkin w/Baby’s Breath Box Sign ($12.69)

harvest box sign

This  beautiful farmhouse style sign sets a nice calming tone with its neutral colors. I like that the background looks like slatted wood, giving it a rustic touch. It’s just a beautiful illustration!

Witchy Poo Mouse ($15.99)

witch mouseWorking here, I have realized that customers love our little mouse figurines. Some of you collect them, keep them on display all year, or use them seasonally. Witchy Poo will be a great addition to your collection. That little broom, mini pumpkin, tied scarf, witch hat…HOW CUTE!!!

18″ Black Glitter Halloween Tree w/Web Base ($16.39)

spooky black tree

This tree might not look like much but it is full of SPARKLE. I love it! Those twisty, bendy branches, and the spider web base make it a spooky and unique tree! Add Halloween ornaments and you have a great accent for your entryway, table, or shelves!

40″ Orange and Black Bunting ($16.49)

black and orange buntingBunting makes a great wall accent, and it’s perfect on your covered porch. It’s a fast and easy way to add a pop of fall to your decor.

Friendship Sampler ($17.99)friendship cross stitch sampler

Ok, so this isn’t SOLELY for fall. The colors give it a nice, warm, and cozy feeling. And the stitched tree has leaves that are falling and changing colors…totally fall, right?! The heartwarming message about friendship makes it a great gift for your bestie!


Shop ‘Til You Drop

There are now TWO fall catalogs out. You saw the latest right? GORGEOUS per usual. Our photographer and graphic designer is amazing! It is full of great ideas for you to recreate at home. I hope you like it. Click below to browse the interactive. And click here if you want to request a catalog.

Let me know about your fall projects!kp creek fall catalog


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