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Sometimes a (snow)Man is All You Need

I can’t tell you how many times I put a little display together, stood back, and thought “it just needs a little something more.” Has this happened to you? You’re happy with what you created but there is still something missing. You won’t be completely satisfied until you figure out what it is. Well, I have fantastic news! I think I found the holy grail of finishing touches when it comes to holiday decorating. You’re not even ready for this, but it’s a…MAN! ⛄ I am just as surprised as you are. But seriously, an adorable little snowman has been the perfect finishing touch for an otherwise finished vignette. Take a look at what I mean and let me know in the comments if you agree!

Adding Just One More Thing

Your finishing touch can vary by season, it can be more than one thing, or it can literally be moving one thing to the other side. You won’t know what it is going to be until you let yourself play around with it. For all the looks here, the snowman was a bonus (as any good man should be, hah!) Snowmen are great winter decor because they aren’t exclusive to Christmas. So keep them up all winter long. And if you live in Ohio, that could be anywhere from end of November through March!

snowman engraved sign

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Snowmen make great sidekicks

Plates, pictures, and framed artwork all look great on their own. They are easily the focal point of any room. I could have left well enough alone with each piece but I’ve never been good at that; just ask my husband! So Garth and Clifford helped me out and it feels so much better! So create a little space on a mantle, tabletop, or bookshelf with pictures, florals, candles, etc. Then add your choice of a sidekick snowman and you will really see how it all comes together!

garth gear salvage snowmanclifford top hat snowman

A Snowman Among Trees

If you’re like any of my friends, you have more than one tree in your house during the holidays. I was kind of shocked at the amount of people I know who put up three or MORE trees! Then I realized I think we are going to have two trees this year. It’s our first house, we have the room, so we are upgrading our 4 foot tree, and Isabella is going to inherit that little one. I think she will like having her own tree to decorate! I had my own small tree when I was a kid, so I want to have that same tradition with her.

I digress. Set up your trees, however many you choose, and nestle in your man! I am really liking the Wood Frosty because it is perfect for my desk at work! A 9″ tree paired with the 7¼” snowman is too adorable for words! And for my primitive lovers, Little Snowball Doll is the perfect addition to your forest!

primitive snowball snowman            wooden frosty with tree

Festive Decor Meets Functionality

I say it all the time, and you probably roll your eyes at me. But I’m saying it again: when decor is functional with multiple uses, I am sold. The Baguette Basket and Red Metal Tool Box are excellent accents for your entryway or tabletop with or without the extra frills! When you aren’t feeling too creative, they make great catch-alls for keys, change, mail, and trinkets. I can probably guarantee that 9 months out of the year they would serve as decorative storage containers for me!

Mr. Top Hat Snowman sits so perfectly in the basket! The festive lights and garland just needed a focal point and he fit the bill. Using the metal tool box as a candle display was a stroke of creative genius. Shout out to our photographer for that one! That was truly an original! The smiling Vintage Snowman looks at home!

top hat fluffy snowman      medium vintage snowman

Winter Decor vs Christmas Decor

I never really understood the difference between the two styles of decor. If I’m being honest, I still kind of don’t! Maybe because to me, Christmas IS winter and winter IS Christmas. If that makes sense.  Tell me in the comments how you decorate for each, and what is the difference for you! Send me pics of your KP decor at lydia@kpckreek.com, and maybe you will see it featured on social media!

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