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Take a Look Inside the New Holiday Catalog!

Can you even believe Christmas will be here soon?  It’s extra hard to think about it because it’s the beginning of October and here in central Ohio we are still having days in the 70s and 80s!  We just dropped our first holiday catalog!  So I want to pump the breaks on fall for just a minute and take a peek inside the latest issue with you!

Of course, per usual, there are so many great items in this issue!  So often when I look through a catalog, I think about things that I want for MYSELF, and for MY home.  I don’t think about upcoming birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc., and there are always plenty of things that will make great gifts!  So I wanted to share a few things that I really like for home decor, and a few things that you can give for gifts!  AKA, buy two: keep one and give one! 😉

Happy Snowman

plush snowman and frosted pine trees

You can’t decorate for the holidays and not have a snowman!  How adorable is this Plush Sitting Snowman?!  He’s so happy it’s winter time and he’s dressed so stylishly in his fur trimmed hat and coat, with a matching scarf!  He is right at home with the 12″ and 18″ Frosted Pine Trees.  The pine trees are a KP Creek best seller, so don’t miss your chance!  Create your own little winter wonderland with these trees, just add Teeny Bulbs, and a Red & Silver (or gold) Bead Garland!

Unique gift box

flower gift box

This Flower Box is a great gift idea because you don’t even have to wrap it up.  Just create a nice presentation and bada boom!  The gift receiver will absolutely love that flower box is handcrafted in the USA, which means not one box is the same; so you are truly giving a one of a kind gift!  We offer different colors (ivory, mustard, and black) so don’t feel you have to commit to red!  You can put anything in it that someone might like; this one is filled with some Cooper’s Mill jams and butters, and recipe cards!  All of that is nestled on a bed of raffia.  Tie it off with a Cheesecloth Garland and you just completed a fantastic gift!  And when the jams are gone, and the box is empty, they are left with a home decor piece that is ready for spring!  What would you put in the flower box?

Fragrant Candle

crossroads cinnamon stick

Cinnamon Sticks is such a warm and cozy scent!  And with Crossroad’s 48 oz. candle, you will get PLENTY of fragrant burning time!  I feel relaxed just thinking about smelling the freshly shaved cinnamon, almond, clove, and vanilla notes that make up this candle!  This is another product made in the USA, and is perfect for a gift!  Add a festive candle ring, and the recipient will just have to decide where in their home to put it!  This is definitely a “one for me, one for you” item that I was talking about!  Tell me what your favorite holiday fragrance is!

Resin Figurine

snow kid laying down

I am so in love with this little cutie patootie!  Add in the rest of the items to create this fantastic scene. I mean seriously…a SNOWMAN, making SNOW ANGELS!!  I just want to squeeze him!  😍 😍 !!  The Feather Pine Tree is just 12″ high which makes it easy to put it anywhere you want a festive touch.  The Hollywood Christmas Snow is fantastic and so fun!  You really want to just sprinkle it everywhere but beware, it is basically like confetti/glitter which is beautiful and addicting, but you will want to use it sparingly!

Holiday Garland

believe pennant garland

Distressed, galvanized metal is what country farmhouses crave in home decor!  I’ve talked about it’s popularity before.  We are bringing the galvanized trend to more holiday decor with the Believe Pennant Garland.  The pennant flags hang from a jute rope and spell “Believe,” because that is the magic of the season…believing!  At 45″ long, the garland will look great across your mantle, above your fireplace, or even a wide entryway.  I love the way it looks above the fireplace and paired with a platinum pip garland, and some tealights.

Ready, Set, Shop!

kp creek gifts catalog volume 8

So many fantastic items, great ideas, and more!  And you can get FREE SHIPPING on orders $60+ through 12/31/17!  That is amazing!  So get all your decor items to get your home ready for your festivities, and cross some people off your list by getting them great gifts!  We are also running a nice KP Gift Certificate Special!  Happy shopping!

What are you putting on your personal wish list and what do you plan on buying as gifts?

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