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Mixing Two Decor Worlds

In January, we posted a question on our Facebook page to learn about some of your favorite things on our site, as well as what you like about farmhouse decor. There was an overwhelming response from you guys! So first, thank you for that! We love chatting with you. We were getting a lot of responses that you love mixing your beloved primitive decor with the trendier farmhouse style! It was truly a great idea, and I was surprised at the thought of the combination! So I wanted to try my hand at it.

Defining Decor

Honestly, both of these styles can look different for everyone. When I think of primitive decor, I think dark colors, folksy, worn, and handmade. Farmhouse decor is quite the opposite. I think of farmhouse as modern, neutral, country, and trendy. What comes to mind when you think about primitive decor? What about farmhouse?

The issue I had when deciding what to put on the mantle was that sometimes it was TOO primitive, then it was TOO farmhouse. It was impossible to get an even balance. And I guess that will be true for everyone, because even if you like combining, you still have a preference. The final product is sure to reflect your favored style. Take a look at what I did. What do you think my preferred style is?

primitive farmhouse

Farmhouse + Primitive = Unique Combo

The Simply Farmhouse Cow Wall Art made the perfect focal point backdrop for what I wanted to create. The clean, crisp wall accent exudes farmhouse appeal with a lightly distressed cow image printed on a shiplap background. So my neutral farmhouse colors were done, and now I had to figure out how to incorporate the primitive elements.

farmer jones primitive doll

Who better to accompany the cow than Farmer Jones?! All of KP’s dolls add a charming primitive touch to your home decor. There are definitely some that are more primitive and rustic than others; think rolled in cinnamon and teastained clothing. Farmer Jones provided a nice middle ground between primitive and farmhouse appeal.

For a warm primitive touch, I added the Star Timer Pillars. There are two sizes here: 4″ and 4.5.” I have one sitting on a little platform to give extra height. The burnt mustard color with black stars definitely completes the look I was trying to achieve.

What do you think?

I would love to see any pictures you have where you combined two different styles of decor. It is harder than you would think! A lot of farmhouse items are neutral colors so you don’t really have to worry about colors clashing when mixing it with the warmer colors of primitive decor. Send your decor pictures to so I can get a better idea of how to accomplish this in the future. Let me know in the comments how I did!

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