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2018 is here!  Did you make any resolutions, vision boards, or goals?  I would love to hear them, so please share in the comments!  I made a vision board this year and action plans for each of my bigger goals.  It’s exciting!  One of those big goals is to buy a house this spring!  Is it ok that I am already thinking about how I want to decorate this future home?!    So let’s jump into some of the predicted home decor trends for 2018!

It’s great to stick with what you love and you don’t need to go changing your whole house up every year to be “on trend.”  Some of these are super easy to incorporate just to get a fresh feeling.

Color of the Year

Every year Pantone releases the color of the year, and this year it’s PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet.  Personally, I love it!!  Purple is one of my favorite colors.  Now, I won’t go painting an entire room this color…or will I?!  Anyway, it is a great pop of color, calming and relaxing.  Would you paint a room this color?

ultra violet

Gallery Walls

Oh man, I love this home decor trend!  It is totally something I want to do to my walls.  KP Creek has tons of great signs that would be perfect for this kind of project!  Fill up your wall with photos, canvas photos, farmhouse signs, clocks, etc.!
This was from my farmhouse entryway post a few months ago.  I had no idea I was being a bit of a trendsetter, haha!

photo credit: www.lovegrowswild.com

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

 Vintage lighting

Vintage light fixtures, including sconces, lanternsEdison bulbs, pendants and chandeliers are going to be pretty popular.  They are a bit of old school with a touch of repurposing and some DIY.  They look pretty unique, and personally, I love the vintage light bulbs!


Modern Farmhouse
Thanks to Chip and Joanna, I don’t think the farmhouse style will be leaving us anytime soon!  And I’m not complaining!  Chippy paint, shiplap, galvanized metal, and more, look way better than I would have imagined.
This farmhouse setting even has a touch of the violet!  It’s not the exact shade as the color of the year, but I’d say it’s in the same color family!  So you can add purple in other ways without painting a whole room!
Isn’t the farmhouse look so cozy?!  I just want to walk into this picture and sit down with Henrietta Bear!

Which trend is going to make an appearance at your house?  Have you already been decorating with any of these styles?  Please leave a comment or share a picture of your latest home improvement project!

7 thoughts on “Home Decor Trends for 2018

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I can appreciate the pretties you have shown, but the trend is really spreading, and everyone’s home is looking so much the same. I like the homes that are eclectic. The items and furniture you find there may not be the trend, but they are an expression of the folks who live there. I like recycled, old, pre-owned (especially by family members) furniture. A surprise around the corner, a picture in an old frame on the wall, a well loved piece that shows it’s age. I like to feel the people who live there. If everyone has Chip and Joanna Gaine’s homes, then it isn’t their home. …….And that’s what I think!!

    • Lydia says:

      Totally agree! You definitely need to make these trends your own and not be so cookie cutter. I want my home to show my personality, and display what is important to my family. I think that is why I love the gallery wall trend so much because you can fill it with pictures and not just a certain style of signs to fit a trend 100%. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Lydia says:

      Yeah! A bit of whitewashed for that farmhouse look. I know we are used to all of our BROWN willow baskets! These ones surprised us too!

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