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Here Comes the Christmas Catalog!

It’s November so that means a lot of us are thinking about Christmas already!  Raise your hand if you love decorating for Christmas, and you do it as early as possible. Spoiler: My hand isn’t raised, haha!  I love the season but not the weather!  In my house, we typically wait until after Thanksgiving to get the Christmas decorating party started.  You got a little taste of the holidays in our volume eight catalog, but there were still bits of fall in there.  This new catalog is all about the holidays!

I am going to toot our own here for a second, and say one of the many things that make our catalog so great is that we don’t just show you a product and call it a day.  We give you ideas of what to do with it!  Our group shots are amazing!  Our photographers are outstanding and take some of the best pictures I have seen.  So I picked a few group shots that you are going to want to recreate in your home.  I just want to make sure you don’t miss them!

Reindeer & Trees

trees and reindeer

Isn’t this adorable!!?  Little 8″ high trees in buckets and a 6″ tall reindeer just hanging out!  The size of these items make it easy to add a touch of the season anywhere!  See that little bare bookshelf?!  Add the trees and reindeer!  Want to add a festive touch to your desk at work?  Trees and reindeer!

Total: $14.58

(tree set $8.99 and reindeer $5.59)

Christmas Chicken Wire Wall Basket

chicken wire wall basket

Ok, so this isn’t really a group shot.  You only get the wall basket, not the cards, haha!  But the basket includes the festive accents!  The chicken wire is actually painted red, and is lined with burlap.  The red burlap bow in the front with the frosted pine needles, pinecones, and cranberries completes the look!  I totally need this to hold all of the holiday cards that we get.  I just never really know what to do with them!

Total: $13.19

Festive Wall Decor

festive wall pocket basket

Don’t neglect your walls during the holidays!  Create this wall display with just four items!  All you need is: the Long Wall Pocket Basket, Woodland Cardinal Spray, Red Bell Spray, and Burlap Candy Cane.  I love the dark walnut color of the basket, it contrasts beautifully with the greenery and red of the Cardinal Spray.

Total: $36.93

(basket is on sale for $12.50!, Cardinal Spray $13.49, Red Bell Spray $6.99, Candy Cane $3.95)

P.S.  If you love all of these, and I am sure you do.  You can get EVERYTHING here for a total of $64.70!  And that qualifies you for FREE SHIPPING*!!

**free shipping is on all orders $60+ in the 48 contiguous states.

Christmas Catalog Volume 9

KP Creek Gifts Christmas Catalog

You either read about all those great products above or you came straight to the bottom in order to get to the catalog.  Hahah!  Either way you are here, so enjoy the catalog!  It’s so good!  You are going to find a lot of fantastic products, new products, great decor ideas, and more!

What’s going in your shopping basket?

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