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Father’s Day Gifts for your Undercover Superhero

I always think moms are hard to shop for, and then Father’s Day comes! Dads tend to be the undercover superhero of the family. Moms are basically front and center, kind of like a family conductor. But dads, are often in the background getting stuff done that moms don’t think about. “Oh the lawn mower needs gas. Hasn’t it been awhile since you got your oil changed? We need to get lawn bags.” So what do you get dads? Trust me when I say he doesn’t want to be gifted those lawn bags! I came up with four “types” of dads and combed through KP’s gifts for him section.  Scroll down, find where your dad fits in and start adding to your cart! Don’t forget about free shipping on all orders $60+ until the end of July!

Four Types of Dad

We tend to group and label everything these days. I broke down dad types into four types: the lake lover, the grill master, the beverage enthusiast, and the handyman. Your dad might not fit into any of these types. And that’s cool,  I think you will still find something your dad would love! If your dad type isn’t on the list, leave me a comment and tell me about your dad!

My dad is definitely the handyman with a touch of grill master. I would say my husband is a little of a beverage enthusiast and is on his way to handyman. I didn’t tell you guys that we recently bought our first home! So he is having to hone those handyman skills for little repairs. I am sure my dad would enthusiastically teach him the ways!

The Grill Master

Father’s Day is June 17. June is the start of grilling season! Get your dad some fantastic cookbooks so he can try a few new things and mix it up on the grill! We have two cookbooks that are perfect for upping the ante at outdoor gatherings in your backyard or out camping! The Grilling and Campfire Cooking ($16.95) has over 250 recipes that will take you from appetizers to desserts! 150 Backyard Cookout Recipes ($15.95) is full of deliciousness, and even features grilled desserts! KP’s grilling sauces are made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. Choose between Blackberry Chipotle Sauce or Pineapple Habanero ($7.69 each) for delicious blends of sweet and spicy! Actually, don’t choose, just get both! 😉

The Handyman

Handyman dads are probably my fave! Why? Because you never have to pay to get something repaired; handyman dad always finds a way. Sounds like a superhero right? Well, that’s a dad for ya. But I digress. Handyman dad typically has an abundance of tools, screws, bolts, etc. So give him some nice containers to hold those odds and ends!

Start them with a My Garage, My Tools Sign  ($21.50) so they can claim their territory! The Organizer with Drawers ($36.09) is a great place for dad to store some pens, pencils, screw drivers, etc. This one is perfect for things he might not use them as often and is easier to keep more organized. Galvanized metal is rustic and weathered enough to feel “manly” and not too decorative when used in the right setting. Dad’s work area is the right setting. So grab this three set of Rusty Galvanized Canisters ($29.95), a Galvanized Divided Holder($34.99), or the more rustic Galvanized Wire Basket with Handle ($39.49). Give dad endless options to organize his chaos!

The Beverage Enthusiast

Perhaps your dad likes to enjoy a nice cold beverage every now and then after a long day! KP has you covered with some fun bottle openers that all have bottle cap storage, and a Cheers Bottle Box (sale price $23.99) to carry the drinks in! I just love the quote that is printed on the Wonderful Time for Beer Opener (sale price $28.99). The Vintage Bottle Opener (sale price $17.50) is cool because it looks like it is made from a recycled cream soda can! Or maybe dad would like something a little more simplistic like this Cheers Bottle Opener ($21.89).

The Lake Lover

Ahh, the sweet lake, refreshing, relaxing, and full of fish. If your dad loves being at the water then these are some great items that he could have in his “man cave” at home or at the lake house! Life at the Lake Framed Sign (sale price $8.49) is a gorgeous blue wooden sign that is perfect to brighten up the lake house. Get the Eat, Sleep, Fish Pillow ($21.99) and accent dad’s favorite recliner! Catch of the Day Chalkboard Sign (sale price $12.95) is another charming little sign to add to the lake house. Dad can track his fishing achievements, or mom can write down the dinner menu. Win for all!

Celebrate Your Everyday Hero

Whatever “type” of dad you have, celebrate him on Father’s Day. Well, try to celebrate and appreciate him all the time, but make a point of it on June 17. I know that some people might think days like Father’s Day aren’t “real holidays.” And maybe your dad isn’t that into it either. That’s fine too. But even though they might not say it, even though they might not even realize it’s Father’s Day, they will appreciate any and all gratitude that is directed towards them. So celebrate!  I want to hear about your dads! Tell me some favorite memories, funny dad jokes he tells, etc.!

And I can’t have a post about Father’s Day without doing a special shout out to Isabella’s dad! He is definitely her everyday hero.

dad and baby

Time flies!

And of course, shout out to my superhero, and personal handyman!

lydia and dad


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