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From Chaos to Clutter Free

So if you haven’t heard, the newest trend right now is being clutter free! What a dream come true. With the chaos of the holidays having calmed down, and getting back into a routine, now is the perfect time to attempt to declutter! Getting organized doesn’t have to look boring and drab; you can do it with style. Check out how I easily organized a farmhouse desk.

The Tools We Need

My actual work desk is what I like to call “organized chaos.” Piles of catalogs, home decor magazines, pens, highlighters, and post-its. Maybe your desk is the same. I browsed the KP site to see what we offer to help to get organized with flair. Having a clean, organized desk can help make you be more productive and efficient! Who would say no to that?! So let’s look at what we need to get a great looking desk!

farmhous desk

I think it is important that your things have a “place.” So storage pieces are key! I love the Galvanized Divided Organizer ($32.35) because all the compartments help give everything a home. Toss in post-its, small notebooks, lotions, keys, etc. You can even add your own labels into the label holders for added organization.

The Olive Bucket Utensil Organizer ($31.99) gives your pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, etc. a fresh vintage storage place. Bonus feature: it spins! So nothing will ever be out of reach.

Add reminders, or inspirational messages on the Metal Blackboard Note Board ($5.99) to help inspire you throughout the day! Little messages are totally the route I would go because it can set a nice tone for the day.

Putting It All Together

farmhouse office desk

Aside from the “essential” storage and organizational pieces, you want to add some other decorative fun things to personalize your space a bit more. So I added The Enjoy Life Clock ($17.49) because it has a great little message to read whenever you will inevitably find yourself staring at the clock waiting for time to pass! The humorous WiFi Connects Sign ($17.35), showcases a laid back attitude, and the importance we place on WiFi, haha! Florals add a nice pop of color, so I added one in the Seagrass Glass Bottle ($5.50).

To get all the things listed so far, you are looking at $110.55 before taxes! So you would qualify for FREE shipping, and you will get a FREE 2019 calendar (available now through January 25 on all orders $30+).

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Other items featured in our farmhouse office:

Share your best tips for organizing!

Other Fun Happenings


Look what we found during a day of cleaning up the office! A SIGNED copy of The Art of Billy Jacobs! He is one of KP’s favorite folk artists and telling by the response on our Facebook page, you all are big fans too!

So do you want your chance to win this book? Head over to this post, answer a question(s) to help us get to know you and learn how we can better serve you, and you are entered! You have until Sunday, January 20 to comment and enter on the post. I’ll contact a winner on the 21st! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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How are you planning to get more organized and clutter free this year?

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