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Wall Art Faves & Tips for Displaying in Your Home

I think everyone should own a piece of art. It’s a total adult item to have; much like my thoughts on centerpieces. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional block signs, festive wall wreaths, baskets, and post boxes just like everyone else. But owning a piece of actual framed wall art is pretty cool and it’s an easy way to add character to your home. I still need to get a piece of art in my house; well, truthfully, I still need to get my current decor up! (Will I ever be fully moved in?!) KP has some beautiful framed prints (many made in the USA!) so I wanted to highlight a few, and give you a few tips/suggestions on displaying your new art!

framed wall art

Choosing wall Art

Picking your first piece of art can be a daunting task! You have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where do I want to put it?
  • What size do I like?
  • Do I want something seasonal or every day?
  • Does this fit with all my other decor?
  • Can I afford this?

And maybe a few other questions, but these came to my mind first. You want to have a location in mind when purchasing any decor. Also, measure the space to get an exact idea of the size— nothing worse than buying a print you fell in love with and it ends up being the wrong size for the space! You don’t want to buy it and then have it just sitting around because you weren’t sure of the space. So before you click “buy” take a look around your living space and have a few ideas in mind. Once you get that answered, I think the rest of the answers will fall into place!

Wall Art Options are endless & Affordable

KP has a lot of wall art items and it was hard to choose just a few to share. But I was able to narrow down some faves that I don’t want you to overlook. I also provide some ideas for where you can put them in your home. I wanted to help answer some of the above mentioned questions that you might have when deciding to get art for your home.  Everything is affordable and under $60!

Perfect for fall

autumn truck wall art

This is my new favorite print for fall. The Autumn Truck Framed Print features a beautiful rustic truck, warm fall colors, and an awesome cut-out frame! You don’t see something like that every day! This print is part of our fall sale and is $21.95 until midnight on October 7! So if you like it,the time is now!  price….$21.95 until October 7. Then $45.99 (Measures 22″ wide by 16½” high and 1½” deep.)

Display suggestion: This is a good one for the family room! You want your family room to be nice and cozy and these fall colors will help create that vibe!

Everyday Inspiration

begin each day with a grateful heart The Begin Each Day Framed Print offers an inspirational reminder to “Begin each day with a grateful heart.” I am all about inspiration, and trying to express more gratitude. This would be great to see everyday first thing in the morning to help set the tone for the day!  price….$55.99 (Measures 15½” high by 19½” wide including the frame.)

Display suggestion: This one would be great in your bedroom so you see it first thing in the morning and immediately think of the good things in life! Or near the front door, so it’s on your mind as you leave for your daily commute!

Bright & Cheery

spring flowers printI want this in my kitchen or living room! In my eyes, the Spring Flowers Framed Print is perfect to display all year. The bright cheery colors brings a smile to my face every time! I am literally smiling at my computer as I type this! Such a gorgeous print. This is great to have if you love flowers but don’t have a green thumb, haha! You will always have great florals on display when you add this to your decor! price….$39.99   (Measures 13½” square.)

Display suggestion: I’m thinking kitchen, dining room, or home office.  If your kitchen sink isn’t below a window, I would put this above the sink! Gives you a lovely view!  It just adds cheer and color to any room. I actually used this on a #MagazineMatch a few months back and displayed it on a mantle in my pretend living room! That is still one of my favorite matches to date!

Vintage Winter Vibes

vintage red car print

If you are into more seasonal art, the Framed Dazzling Red Truck is a total vintage classic. A shiny red vintage truck decorated with a holiday wreath on the front has a calming, peaceful feeling. Add in a dreamy, blurry snowy background and it’s the prefect finishing touch to your holiday decor!  And this is expected to sell fast! It’s featured on the last page of the volume 8 catalog! price….$47.99   (Measures 20″ high by 14″ wide.)

Display suggestion:  I would put this one in living room, or wherever your Christmas tree is going. Hang the artwork nearby to add to the festiveness.

“A picture is a poem without words”

That quote is from Horace, a Roman poet from the B.C. era. I liked it and think it goes along really well with our topic of conversation of getting art for your home. What do you want your art/decor/pictures to say?

Create your space, hang your art, display it on a mantle, place it on a shelf, then send me a picture! I want to see how you display framed art. Leave a comment here, or send me a message on Facebook! Or if you aren’t into this kind of decor, tell me why and what you prefer!

OH!! P.S.

kp creek christmas catalogThe holiday catalog is out! Have you seen it? OMG. GORGEOUS!!!! So check it out and get some new holiday decor and even start shopping for gifts! There are some great ideas in there to give you a jump start. Imagine being done BY THANKSGIVING!

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