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Farmhouse Window Inspiration

You guys, this might be my favorite post I’ve ever done. Woo-wee! We got a gorgeous cathedral style window, and I wanted to do something with it. Well, I figured out THREE somethings to create, and I am in love with each one more than the last. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!

What to do when you don’t know what to do

cathedral wood window

The Farmhouse Emerald Cathedral Window looks pretty cool just displayed on its own. So if it intrigues you and you aren’t sure what exactly you want to do with it, don’t fear and just make the purchase!

Another good idea when you are experiencing a creative block is check Pinterest! Just beware of idea overload, which typically results in not getting any project done because you can’t decide.

Total: $38.69

Window Headboard

Two of these windows are the perfect size to to make a creative headboard for your queen size bed. Side effects may include beautiful farmhouse dreams all night long.

Get your nails, hammer, and level ready for this project. I am a big fan of Command Strips because I don’t always want to make holes in my walls. What do you think of this headboard?

diy queen headboard

Total: $163.63 (including Love Lives Here pillow) or $139.64 (without the pillow) both totals would get FREE shipping!

Simple. Sleek. Artistic Window

You know that moment at a museum when see some artwork, and you stand back, admire, and say “hmmmm”? The next thing I did with the window was inspired by that moment.

I have been wanting to use the Magnolia Flower Picks for a really long time but just couldn’t figure out the right project. So using TWO sent me over the moon! They look amazing with the Flocked Leaves Garland‘s light green color; they complement each other beautifully.

farmhouse magnolia window

To get the garland shaped around the window, just hammer a few nails about a third of the way into the wall, and then bend and place the garland on the exposed nail. Then snaking in the picks should be a snap!

Total: $76.16

Window Garden

The number one thing you need here is HOT GLUE. I have to be mindful with exactly what I do to products here because we don’t want to make permanent changes on anything. So I used Scotch Tape. That’s right, all the Sheet Moss is stuck to that window with tape. Oye. Not my finest moment. So please, bust out the hot glue gun!

flower garden wall

Once the sheet moss is secure, start adding in the florals. Unfortunately, two of the florals I used are out of stock at the time of this writing. They were in stock when the window was put together! You can (and should!) really use your favorite florals, but I listed other ideas and options to replace what is out of stock.

Blue Heather Table Piece is in stock. So you can simply use more than the two I used. The Pink Astilbe Half Sphere is a great replacement for the Pink Heather Table Piece. The sphere measures slightly smaller than a table piece but fits in nicely.

The additions of two watering cans, the blue and yellow birds, and butterflies made great finishing touches! Now it really pops for spring!

Total: $137.67, qualifies for FREE shipping!

Final Thoughts

Like I said, this is definitely one of my favorite posts! It was challenging but worth it. I think it gives you numerous ideas for a product that you might have otherwise overlooked. The Farmhouse Emerald Cathedral Window is definitely worth a second glance.

Let me know what you think in the comments! What would you do different? What is holding you back from purchasing a window?

farmhouse window inspiration

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