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Fall Best Sellers!

Oh goodbye, sweet, sweet summer!  The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and sweatshirts, leggings, and leather boots are making their way back to your wardrobe.  There’s no denying it…fall is here!  As everything around us seems to be getting ready and changing, we have one question to ask:  is your home ready for fall?  And by that we mean your home decor!  If you aren’t sure what fall items to bring in, we wanted to share 10 of KP’s fall  best sellers (in no particular order)!  These items have been flying out the door!  So get them before they are gone for the year!

Boo Friends Blocks

What’s fall without a little Halloween decor, and what is Halloween without a ghost, pumpkin, and Frankenstein?!!  These adorable wooden blocks are perfect to dress up the tabletop, or mantle.  They come as a set of three so you could even split them up and display one in different areas.

halloween blocks

Timer Tapers

LED candles are great!  They add a  warm flickering glow, and you don’t have to worry about an open flame.  And with timer candles, you don’t have to remember to turn them off, because they do that automatically!  They are on for six hours, and then turn off for18.   Any of our LED candles are perfect for fall, but we think the  burnt ivory and cinnamon have the best look for the season.  Put them in a taper holder, and dress them up with a pip ring and you just created a beautiful display!  (We used bittersweet in our display.)

LED timer taper candle

Round Lath Pumpkin w/Star

This distressed wooden lath pumpkin is an excellent complement to a country home, so it’s no surprise that it is a best seller.  The raffia bow, angel vine, and ivory painted primitive star give it some real character!

wood fall pumpkin

Lit Jack-O-Lantern

We love a good jack-o-lantern, but hate the yucky mess.  We talked about this guy in our Must-Haves post and you agreed that he’s a “must-have” because you have been ordering him up!  Be sure to order yours soon!

lit resin pumpkin

Orange & Black Bunting

We can get so caught up in making the inside of our homes look amazing and decorated, that we tend to neglect the outside.  Bunting is here to fix that!  This orange and black bunting is perfect for Halloween!  It measures 43″ wide x 19″ high, and will look festive on your covered porch.

halloween bunting

Mummy Doll

Our cover model from a few issues ago barely gets to rest when we get a shipment!  As soon as it gets here, right back out the door he goes!  And honestly, we’re not surprised!  This is still one of our favorite covers!

mummy doll

Vickie Jean Seasonal bulbs

These decorative bulbs are hand-dipped in the USA and are a perfect match for any of our candle lamps.  We have a ghost bulb as well, so you should totally get all three and have them glowing in your window to greet trick-or-treaters and passersby!

vickie jean seasonal bulbs

Primitive Mix Star Garland

Rusty star cutouts, and mix of black, caramel, and persimmon pip berries make up this garland! The colors are perfect for fall.  Drape it on your mantle, form it around a candle display, or add some teeny lights to light it up!  When it comes to garlands, they can really go anywhere to add a little something extra!

primitive pip garland

Framed Pumpkins & Chair

A great piece of artwork is something that every home should have.  And our shoppers are loving this fall piece by Irvin Hoover! It depicts fall in a beautiful way: the colors, the pumpkins, the rustic chair, and the straw on the floor, are perfectly fall.

framed fall art

Jack-O-Lantern Wood Spoon

You can’t forget your kitchen while you spruce up the rest of your home!  And the way these spoons are selling…you totally aren’t neglecting the kitchen!  We love the smiling jack-o-lantern face on the back, and the gingham bow completes the country look of these decorative spoons.  Bring them into your farmhouse kitchen today!

wooden jack-o-lantern spoon

Do you already own any of our best sellers?  Are you adding any to your online shopping basket after reading this?  Tell us below!

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