farmhouse entryway candle display

Entryway TLC: Farmhouse Style!

How do you want to feel when you walk in your home?  I like to feel  welcomed, relaxed, happy,  and even excited!  I mean after all, more than likely, you are walking in after a long day of work, running errands, taking the kids to practices, etc.  You can get all those great feelings by giving your entryway a little TLC…farmhouse style!

You might have heard that the show Fixer Upper is ending after the fifth season, which airs in November.  It’s sad!  That show is so great; I could binge watch it all day!  Joanna and Chip are so creative, they  execute their vision beautifully.  I think she really changed the decorating game and showed us how everything has beauty!  Plus, Joanna has amazing hair!  But I digress.  After hearing the news about the show, I wanted to channel my inner Joanna and create a farmhouse entryway!  So here it goes…

Farmhouse Entryway Wall Display

farmhouse wall display entryway

Ahhh, this was super simple and fun to set up!  It creates a mini command center!  The Family Picture Cork Board Frame serves as a great place to stick shopping lists, to-dos, appointment reminders, and more!  The Small Chalkboard is for writing simple messages, inspiring quotes, or even silly doodles; anything that will bring a smile to whoever walks through your door.  The Chicken Wire Basket I used, actually comes in a set of two.  But I used the smaller 5″ by 7″ basket due to space.  If you are creating a bigger wall display, use the bigger one, or maybe even use both baskets!  The larger basket would be a great mail holder!  I put two of the Wheat Eucalyptus Picks into the basket to add some great color and texture.  I just love the purple!  This floral is great for everyday decor since it’s not overly seasonal, so leave it in the basket forever! 🙂

Entryway Table

farmhouse accent table

We all have a table to catch our keys as soon as we come through the door.  Give it a bit of pizzaz with some farmhouse touches!  First, you absolutely need a runner; it’s a nice accent and it will also protect your tabletop from all those daily key drops!  I made a little candle display in a Galvanized Tray, remember this from my other post about farmhouse must-haves!.  I love, love, love this Timer LED Lantern.  It is so cute, so farmhouse, and with the timer I can turn it on and forget about it! Well, let’s be honest, even without the timer I would turn it on and forget about it (#MomBrain)…but at least the timer won’t let me waste batteries!   I spruced up the area around the lantern with two Lemon Beauty Picks, and two Ivory LED Tealights.  These tealights aren’t timed, so if you are like me, you might want to get some of the Replacement Batteries too!

Welcome Home!

farmhouse entryway

Don’t you just LOVE it?!!   Did my inner Joanna nail it?  And look, I spy a little baby Isabella! ❤️!  This was so fun to create, but I am sad to report that my tresses didn’t magically grow long and lustrous.  Ahh, I shall forever envy Joanna’s flawless hair. Ha!

Let me know what you think about this farmhouse wall and table!  Are you ready to give your entryway a little TLC?

7 thoughts on “Entryway TLC: Farmhouse Style!

  1. Susan Bailey says:

    Your farmhouse entry display was right on! I also admire Joanna’s style. There is so many great pieces to choose from at KPcreek catalogs and on line. Love it!

    • Lydia says:

      Thanks for the compliment Susan! I’m glad to hear my inner Joanna nailed it! Happy to hear you love KP products! Thank you for being a fantastic customer!

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