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Easy Ways to Have Romance All Year Long!

I love love!  With Valentine’s Day a little less than a month away, everywhere I look there’s a sea of  hearts, red and pink decor, and  candy!  It makes me so happy!  What are your favorite things about Valentine’s Day?  Decorating for the day is fun with little garlands, ornaments, countdowns and more!  You can easily have that romantic, love filled feeling in your home throughout the year.  Love inspired decor is everywhere and you probably haven’t even noticed because it is perfect for every day and blends in.

If you are about that “love life” you can appreciate little touches of romance here and there in your home; a decor “love tap” if you will, hahah!  I promise it won’t look like you’re stuck in Valentine’s Day!

But First…

Before I show you some fun ways to incorporate romance in your decor, I want to give you an early Valentine’s Day gift!  KP Creek already has great prices on all our items, and in the spirit of love  and to help you “get the look” we are having a sale!  The sale includes all of the items featured here today, plus a few other favorites!  Use coupon code: LOVE20 to get 20% off the items we love!  Hurry, this sale ends on Monday, January 22, 2018, at midnight!  You must be signed into your KP account for the code to apply! SALE HAS ENDED

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Love Inspired Ideas

I talked about the trendy gallery wall a few weeks ago!  I love the idea of the wall, so I knew I had to create my own for this post!  Gallery walls are a mainstay for sure, it doesn’t need to be changed often or you can update yours every now and then by switching out some signs or some photos.  This wall gallery is about love in every way and doesn’t feel seasonal!

gallery wall

I grabbed some favorite farmhouse staples and spruced them up a bit by adding florals to the milk can and ivory pitcher.  The framed sign is clean and modern, a farmhouse style staple!  Putting the sign as a focal point over a floral display with the handsome Benson is the perfect look for all year.  Love and farmhouse touches; what more do you need?!

love grows best

At one time or another we have all gotten a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day.  You know the life-sized bear holding a heart the size of your head!  Bailey isn’t about all that fuss; she’s just happy to be here with her cheesecloth headband, and burlap floral accessory!  The pink florals and the pink jar don’t scream Valentine’s Day, and the metal love sign is a great accent for every day.

Love On the Go

Of course we focus on ways to decorate all the rooms in your home.  But what about your “home away from home”?  Whatever you do for work, wherever you do it, you might feel like you spend more time there than you do at home!  I used to not decorate my desk.  I’m not sure why, I was just never compelled to bring in things to make it homey.  Then a few years ago when I started a new job, that all changed and I was bringing in pictures, and cute office decor (I love office supplies and decor!).  It’s a nice way to showcase your personality.

Be sure to check out these love inspired pieces that would be great additions to your work life decor!  Click on the image to see details  and to purchase on



One More Thing Before You Go…

valentines day countdown calendar

I leave you with this final piece of decor that is for the true Valentine’s Day lover!  The adorable Valentine’s Day 

Countdown Calendar  is fun wall decor that adds just a bit more excitement to the big day!  If you have little ones, it’s a nice way to get them involved in the excitement too!  I guarantee they will love moving the magnetic heart down each day.


What decor pieces are you going to incorporate into your home to bring in some extra love?


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