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Easy Ways to Add Fall Decor to Your Home

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…this year is going by SO FAST. School is starting, stores are getting out the Thanksgiving and Halloween decor, and Isabella is going to be two in a few months. WHAAAAAT?! Just let me be in denial about one of those things, ok? Moving on. Fall is so fun! And all of you told me on Facebook what you love about fall, and the responses were great! Such a fun time of the year! Adding all those vibrant, warm fall colors to your home is easy peasy! So I wanted to share a few of my faves from our volume 6 catalog!

Fun Fall Favorites

Honest question: How excited do you get when you open the mailbox and you see a beautiful, crisp, brand new KP Creek catalog? 😜 Don’t get the catalog? Sign up here: catalog request.

This catalog is full of fantastic new decor for fall and Halloween. It’s so beautiful! Get ready to fill up your online shopping carts.

A Functional Staple

galvanized metal bucketThe Galvanized Distressed Bucket can be used all year long. Seasonal florals look great in it! I love sunflowers and this Harvest Sunflower Pick is perfect.  It makes a gorgeous centerpiece for the fall and family gatherings. You could also add taller pillar candles. I would recommend at least 6″ tall since the bucket is 5″ deep. So going one inch higher will have them popping up just a bit!  Tapers would even work here once you add some candle holders into the bucket.  Also, in-between seasons, use it just for storage! Place it near your entryway and drop your change, keys, etc. in when you come home.

Favorite Florals for Fall

bittersweet floralsYear after year, Bittersweet florals continue to be a best seller! It’s not a surprise; I mean, look at the way the vibrant orange berries, and yellow silk leaves pop against the brown twig branches. Get bittersweet wreaths, candle rings, garlands, and more so you can have the the most popular floral of fall in your home.

Eye-Catching Wall Accentrusty star wall pocket

The Rusty Pocket Star is a country accent that makes a functional use out of a classic barn star. Give it a bit of seasonal pizzaz with florals, picks, and sprays. Sunflowers are a great fall flower so it had to make another appearance!

Don’t Forget…

taper candle saleBest-selling tapers are on sale now! Stock up and a add a warm glow to your fall decor!  Don’t miss it, this sale ends September 30, 2018. And we are already almost halfway through August, so don’t blink. Ha!

I want to see your fall projects! Tell me about them, and send me pictures on Facebook. Are you looking for more inspiration? Let me know in the comments! I definitely want to help you create a relaxing, and welcoming fall oasis!

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