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DIY: Unique Mason Jar Keepsake

Raise your hand if you love mason jars!  In our opinion, a mason jar is  the quintessential country and farmhouse decor piece.  We put a simple display together that will make a great gift, or a perfect mantle piece (if you can’t seem to part with it!).  When we say simple, we mean simple…you only need FIVE items to complete this keepsake.

Getting Started

  1.  Find the perfect mason jar.  You can choose a simple clear jar like we did,  or a jar with a light tint would look great as well!  ($8.79)
  2.  We decided we wanted to add lights, so we used a rusty lid with strand lights.   ($13.99)
  3.  Decide what you want to put in the mason jar.  Little figurines are great!  And if you are giving this as a gift, you can find something specific to the person. (e.g. mom, teacher, friend, your boss).  We felt loving and our “I Love You Angel” fit the mood.  You can even go the route of putting in a photo, or some simple florals!  ($9.39) You can also find more resin angel figurines by clicking here.
  4.  We felt something needed to help keep our figurine in place, and wanted to add an extra summer vibe, as summer days are winding down.  Our seabreeze pip collection is perfect for summer with its ivory, soft green, and light blue pips!  We picked our 2″ pip and star ring.  Two inches is about as big as you want to go to be able to get the ring into a standard size mason jar.   You will also want to make sure that the width of the figurine you use fits nicely into the ring.  ($2.99)
  5.  Bonus: we added a jute string tie around the jar to accent the lid! It gives it a little extra country feeling.  We say bonus because the keepsake will look great without the string too, so it’s your preference!  ($2.99)

Bringing It Together

TA-DA!  A great piece that is fully customizable to suit your tastes, and/or gift-giving needs!

Who would be the lucky recipient of your mason jar keepsake?

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