Decor Items to Achieve the Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse decor is everywhere, and we definitely aren’t complaining! (Thanks Chip and Joanna!)  We love mixing the popular style with some of our country and primitive products to achieve a great look!  Some of our favorite products are things made of galvanized metal.  The industrial, weathered look that has a touch of rust brings smiles to our faces here at KP!  So for #FarmhouseFriday we wanted to bring you a few great ideas for some fantastic pieces!

#farmhousefriday galvanized edition

All the pieces above look simple enough and would look great in your home as is!  But it is always fun to do a little sprucing and make a piece your own.  Let us know what you think!

Galvanized Metal Tray

galvanized tray

A simple tray can be turned into a charming candle display to go with any season or holiday!  LED pillar candles will fit great in the pan!  And then just add some floral garlands and you have a great centerpiece in a few easy steps.

Windmill Hanger

galvanized windmill hanger

Windmills give us a relaxed feeling.  They are so simple and scream “country living”.  Don’t you agree?  Hang this windmill on your wall and it will look great just by itself!  We added a few more touches to it because anything teastained, or in mason jars brings a classic country vibe.

Wire Basket 

Spruce up this rusty wire basket by filling it with watering cans, milk cans, mason jars, or vases, the options are infinite!  Then fill the containers with florals to add some great pops of seasonal color!

Coffee Sign

Coffee is always a good idea.  We may or may not be on our second or third cup as you read this. (It’s probably safe to say we are!)  But we digress!  This galvanized corrugated metal sign is perfect sign for your kitchen…right near the coffee pot!

Metal Post Box

Galvanized Metal Mailbox

Post boxes are all the rage.  We see creative uses everywhere!  Ours has a hole at the top so you can easily hang it on the wall near your door, near your desk, etc.  Use it for a decorative place to stuff your mail, keep bills out of sight (LOL!), or organize your coupon fliers.  It has a farmhouse feel, and will help keep your tabletops free of clutter.

Egg Basket

We can imagine the look you gave us when you saw the title of this one.  “Egg basket”, whaaaaat?!  But yes, egg basket!  You can turn this into a really rustic, totally farmhouse style lamp.  All you need is an adapter and a bulb!

What do you like best about farmhouse decor?

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