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Create a Unique Gift Basket for Someone Special

Handcrafted gifts are awesome! Taking the time to put together a unique and individualized gift for someone is so heartwarming. I don’t do it enough, that’s for sure. An easy way to give someone a unique gift that won’t take a ton of time is to put together a gift basket. After you find a basket, you just need to fill it with the person’s favorite items. Easy peasy!

Finding a Functional Gift Basket

flower box gift box

When it comes to gifting, the presentation can be a hassle. I enjoy picking out wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. But how long does that get “admired” before being torn into? Ok, maybe the gift bag gets admired a bit more because if you are like me, you save them and reuse! Even if you use a traditional gift basket, what do you really do with it after emptying the contents? I like functional things because I have enough clutter, so give me something that I can continue to make good use of. I think that the Flower Box is perfect for creating an awesome gift basket because it has a variety of uses for later.

You can use it for your mail, store tools, kids’ art supplies, an under the sink organizer, and more! It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Depending on what you put in the flower box, you might leave it as is for the long haul. Some of the gift examples I am going to show you, would be great to just be kept out on display.

Feel Good Florals

My mom loves flowers, so this type of gift basket would be her favorite! She has a lot of real flowers in the house in addition to a garden outside. So to give her some beautiful florals that she doesn’t have to worry about is a gift in itself! Putting the flowers in the Flower Box is a unique way to give flowers instead of just tossing them in a vase.

red gift basket box with jars

What a great pop of color the Blue Delphinium Spray adds when placed in the ivory mason jars and Red Flower Box. I think it gives a bit of Americana vibes as well! Perfect for any summer gifting you have to do!

ivory flower box basket

This cheerful arrangement is especially unique to me because of the Vine Ribbon Moss. I honestly have never seen an accent like that before. It adds some whimsy to the Ivory Flower Box, don’t you think?

Cozy Candles

luminara flower gift box basket

The soft, warm glow of candles is so calming and welcoming! Use safe LED candles and you have a winning combination for a worry-free gift! Choose your favorite style of Luminara candle (or any pillar) and nestle them into some favorite florals and you’re all set with a thoughtful gift.

Vintage Vibes

eucalyptus wheat gift basket

For some reason the Eucalyptus collection reminds me of all things vintage. So this gift basket is great for someone who is into vintage and neutral colors. Many of these items are also reusable. Jars can be used for office supplies, change, collectibles, etc.! So many mini gifts in one!

Traditional Treasures

jam gift basket

Ok, so maybe your person doesn’t care for candles or florals (gasp!) KP Creek still has you covered with a gift basket idea that is a little more traditional! Cooper’s Mill makes fantastic, flavorful jams that are made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives! Anyone would be happy to receive some of these delicious flavors. They even make hot sauce and BBQ sauce! Toss in a pack of recipe cards, and accent the flower box with some burlap ribbon and TA-DA!

The Joy of Gift Giving

Which gift basket do you think you will try putting together soon? Crafting a personalized gift is a fun way to go…when you have the time. But, you haven’t met #BusyBella, hah! And I know all of you are super busy in your own right. Life can be a blur! So if you are in a pinch, no worries! That is why gift certificates were invented! Get them online in amounts of $25 $50, $75, and $100. Happy gifting!

gift certificates

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