farmhouse gardening table

Create a Personalized Farmhouse Garden Nook

Do you have a green thumb? I like creating the illusion that I do; you know, faux flowers everywhere. I was recently inspired to create a farmhouse garden nook. It turned out better than I imagined! For everyone with a green thumb, it would make a great station for your gardening essentials, or it can simply be a gorgeous focal point in your home. I just know I am so excited for you to see it! So let’s get started and break it down.

The Trendy Wall Basket

This Galvanized Metal Wall Basket is a great addition to your home. It is very sturdy and has two keyholes that make hanging easy. I like the distressed look of the front panel. The whole basket is 19″ wide, so you will want to have a decent size wall space in mind when you purchase this.

The width paired with the 7″ depth allowed me to fit the Green Enamel Pitcher and set of Galvanized Bottle Vases. Accent them with any type of floral that catches your eye. I think the bright green leaves, and muted lavender really complement each other, and make the whole shelf pop.

farmhouse garden shelf

Utilize Wall Space

It can be hard to manage having your walls too “bare” and then too “cluttered.” I had a good amount of wall space to fill between the metal basket and table. It was hard to narrow it down and not over decorate the opening. Keep it simple! Maybe a sign, a barn star, or add some hooks if you want the area to be more functional.

The Garden Tool Wall Hanger served as decorative piece but it is also fully functional! I chose to hang little accents on it, but you could easily hang your gardening gloves, or small tools.

rusty mini tools

There’s actually a set of  mini garden tools in the watering can! Anything and everything mini is just so cute! The cheerful colors of the seabreeze teardrop look great between the neutral white barn star, and green can. What do you think you would put in this blank wall space?


Tidy Tabletop

Make this tabletop your official gardening station! If you are a true green thumb, I imagine you will have clay pots, bags of dirt, seeds, tools, and more spread out across the table. In my non-green thumb defense, my version does have a clay pot! The Blue Divided Pail is an eye-catching piece that can store lots of essentials. The contrasting rust spots against the blue is perfect.

garden table top

Every garden lover should get the Garden Angels Block.  The phrase, “Leave room in your garden for the angels to dance,” is printed in black script font on a distressed background. I just love  that angels

Your Farmhouse Garden Nook

Are you ready to see the whole area? I wanted to show it to you broken down, section by section to build excitement and anticipation! Were you patient enough to read and wait, or did you scroll all the way down? Ready…

farmhouse garden nook

Did your eyes turn into hearts, emoji style?! 😍! This was probably one of the first posts I have done that the finish look matched the original vision. When I work with our photographer on an idea, it tends to go through a few phases.  Here, take a look at my sketch of what started it all:

rough sketch garden nook

Don’t you just love a little behind the scenes look! Just a little glimpse into my thought process.

So, tell me what is growing in your garden this summer?


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