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An Angel Vine Basket for Every Season

Angel vine is a popular floral in country primitive home decor; it’s everywhere! KP carries tons of great angel vine products for any decor occasion. I honestly had no clue what angel vine really was. What’s angel vine’s story?! Well, I learned that it’s native to New Zealand, and it grows super fast, and long. Those last two qualities is what makes the vine the perfect plant to take on the shapes of wire forms, thus bringing us all these different decor items. I think the dark color of the vine makes it fun to style with colorful florals.  I personally like the contrast of dark and light.An Angel Vine Basket is a home decor staple. Seriously, every home should have one because it is so easy to make it unique to your style! Check out some easy ways to put together baskets for specific seasons, or any time of the year! Let me know which basket is your favorite!

Favorite Angel Vine Baskets

I chose two baskets to be the base for these projects; the Chicken Wire & Angel Vine Wall Basket ($14.39), or the Oval Angel Vine Basket ($9.29). One is great for sprucing up a wall in your home, and the other makes for a great centerpiece.








The question isn’t “WHERE are you going to put these?” But “HOW are you going to decorate these beauties?!” There are so many options, you might have a hard time deciding on one. Another problem you might have is fighting the urge to change the decor daily! So let’s jump into some gorgeous options…

Every Day Style

Nice and simple is the best way to describe the style of these baskets. Greenery is perfect for an every day look. I like the Blue Heather Bush in the wall basket because the slight hint of blue mixed in with the green. You can never go wrong with Green Pepper Grass! Its light and airy look brightens up any corner, and gives the room a beautiful touch of nature!

I like to call this the “decorate and forget it” style, because you can do just that! It’s not overly seasonal, so no need to change it…ever. Seriously, don’t touch it again, haha! That is the beauty of using faux florals! Who has the time to take care of real indoor plants?! Even if you are lucky enough to have a green thumb, it’s just easier when you don’t have to add something to your list. `


A Little Spring in Your Step

Pinks! Yellows! Greens! Spring and summer are just so colorful. You can really let your hair down when you get into decorating for these brighter seasons. KP’s stock for some of these florals is low or sold out at the moment. But there are plenty of other options in stock at the above links! The seasons are transitioning so KP is stocking more Christmas and fall florals at the moment. But they will be restocked! (I’m looking at you Mixed Daisy Prairie Spray!)

mums spring-wall-basket

Fall Into Cozy Warm Colors

Fall is my second favorite season! The colors for fall are so inviting. Don’t you agree? Check out fall’s best-sellers from last year and get them before they are gone because they are sure to be top sellers again this year!

Right now, my favorite is the Red/Green Velvet Ash Sphere (coming soon). The way it looks in the angel vine basket, reminds me of a bonfire! How cozy!  The cotton branch in the wall basket gives the look a farmhouse vibe, and we know how popular that look is!

cotton basket fall basket

Winter Cool Down

These are great entryway looks, and centerpieces! So festive and cheery feeling.  Each floral piece here is frosted with artificial snow giving it a light sparkle! Glitter/fake snow is synonymous with Christmas florals. Fake is how I prefer my snow, how about you?!

pine basket christmas vine basket

What would you do with your angel vine basket? Tell me in the comments!

*note: you can still place an order on anything that is currently showing out of stock. Most florals are still arriving in our warehouse! 

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