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Add a Patriotic Touch to Every Day Decor

Anyone else feel like the official colors of summer are red, white, and blue? I’m excited for 4th of July parties, pool days, and just being outside. I’ve been so happy lately because aside from some stormy days, the weather in central Ohio has been gorgeous! One of the storms gave us a DOUBLE rainbow, so it was worth it.

I wanted to kick off summer vibes with some patriotic decor that you can display all summer. Which is ideal, because you won’t have time to redecorate between being out, and possibly hosting your own get-togethers!

The many parts of a Patriotic Display

Adding patriotic touches to your every day decor is more than just throwing some red, white, and blue here and there! There are plenty of creative ways you can add those colors: think flowers, candles,  lights, or even accessories. As I sit here looking at the Americana grouping I created, I see a few different parts that deserve their own shout-out!

Americana Rag Ballsamericana rag dollsI love the different patterns on each of these! Toss them into a bread pan like I did and you are good to go! They’d look great in a clear vase or bucket too.  Complete the look by using the  Americana Candle Mat as a base, and adding a small block sign. I used the Home of the Free sign.

country bread pan

Cream Flower Bucket

cream flower bucket vaseThis weathered bucket is a great choice for a vase and to stay on target with the patriotic theme. The embossed stars are definitely my favorite  Add some of your favorite red flowers along with a pick or two to create your own unique arrangement.

patriotic flowersI used three Red Burlap Geranium Bushes and two Burlap Americana Star Picks to complete this look. All the burlap makes it a great Americana arrangement!

The Reveal

Put it all together, add a flag as a background, and throw in some other finishing touches and you have something you can leave on display all summer! How cute is the little Liberty Mouse?! I will say, that you wouldn’t even have to keep all of these items together to make this exact grouping. Take the flower bucket and put it on your mantel, the bread pan, sign and mouse can be a centerpiece, and the flag could be hung in your entryway. So many great options!

4th of july patriotic decor

If you are looking for more patriotic inspiration, click here to check out my post from last year!

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How do you decorate for the summer?

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