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3 Ways to a Perfect Patio

Spring and summer are on the way! So that means more time outside, more time in backyards, and more time relaxing on the patio. You put in a lot of work perfecting the inside of your home, so it is important to carry that welcoming feeling from the entryway to the backyard!

Friends & Family + Great Weather = Patio Time!

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside on a nice pleasant day when the breeze is blowing just right? Whenever there is any indication that the weather is going to be suitable for being outdoors, I immediately start looking up activities for us.  But you don’t have to leave your house to get the perfect ambience and enjoy the weather, you only need to keep a few things in mind when prepping your outdoor living space! I will definitely be applying these tips when I get a house with a patio/backyard!

You Have the Space, Let’s Perfect It

So how long have you had that backyard deck/patio just out there bare?! I admit, our apartment has a little patio area and I have NOTHING out there. It’s disappointing, I expect better from myself! Every year, I think “this is the year,” and then nothing. So I am hoping that writing these simple tips and ideas to help you,  will inspire me to get my act together and have an awesome outdoor space this year!

Mood Maker

What kind of vibe do you want your patio to exude? Relaxing oasis, party central, cozy cottage, you get the idea; you can create anything you want! This is your outdoor retreat, and just like the inside of your home is a reflection of you and your personal style, so is the outside! Think about your goal: creating a fantastic outdoor living space to enjoy with your neighbors, friends, and family. Set the mood with seating selections, grilling, floral/garden arrangements, lighting, and decorative accents.

What kind of mood do you want to create?

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Dynamite Decor

After you get your outdoor furniture set up, don’t stop there! Decorative accents will really make it feel cozy and welcoming. Check out the display that I created! It is a perfect centerpiece for whatever patio table/dining area you choose. I feel like the candle tray is a great farmhouse accent, and adding touches of nature, pops of color, and rustic elements really brings it together! Decorating your outdoor living space is not much different than when you are decorating indoors. You might even get more adventurous outside and add elements that you felt weren’t the best fit for you indoors.

Be bold, be brave, create something fantastic!

patio decor display

Light the Way

You created a fantastic patio, and with warmer weather coming, it is going to be so easy to be outside all day long!  Don’t let the party stop when the sun goes down. I think lighting is the final element that brings together the whole ambience of a living space. You are in luck!  KP has a great selection of different styles of lighting that are great for the outdoors! (be sure to read product descriptions to validate good for outdoor use). Light strands look great draped along handrails, fences, underneath patio umbrellas, or awnings.  So many options for light displays! My personal favorites are the Edison Bulbs, vintage looking light strands, and lanterns! Adding lights is just a simple way to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the patio all evening!

What is going to light up your outdoor space?

Patio perfection

Writing this has made me SO excited to create my perfect patio! I have so much on my to do list, but this will definitely be a priority.  Stay tuned! In the mean time, share your ideas for creating a great outdoor living space, show me pictures of YOUR current spaces, let me know what your plans are! Let’s inspire each other!

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