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3 Patriotic Centerpieces for Summer

School is out, temperatures are up, and social gatherings are being planned. Oh the joys of Summer! If you’re like me, having friends and family over is the main motivator for getting the house cleaned and sprucing up the decor. Here are some quick and easy centerpieces to wow your guests this summer! Let me know what you think and which one you are going to recreate in your home!

Simple Candle Display

The Flag Barn Candle is designed by Billy Jacobs, and filled with our best-selling fragrance, buttered maple syrup.  The candle star jar lid is a new product and adds a special patriotic touch to the candle jar when you aren’t burning the wick. Nestle the jar into country mix pip berry ring, then place all of that into our black candle tray for a completed look!

Easy peasy! Change this one up as often as you like, change the candle, or use different florals. The tray has many uses as well! Put it in your entryway as a catch-all for when you walk through the door. You can even create a display with knick-knacks and resin figurines.

patriotic candle centerpiece

P.S. The candle tray is handcrafted in the USA!

Lanterns Light the Way

The set of railroad lanterns are a great farmhouse accessory with a modern vintage feel. I used the 4″ and 6″ ivory luminaras along with an Americana pip ring and Americana garland (it’s wrapped around the outside base of the tall lantern). The red, white, and blue colors pop nicely against the black lanterns.

The aged slim banner flag added even more color to this centerpiece and serves as a great patriotic runner. The finishing touch is one of our top sellers and made in the USA: the old glory engraved block. This centerpiece is my favorite because it’s very unique! Using the railroad lanterns is something different that you don’t see very often.

You can add more of a pop of color inside the lanterns by using the country red luminaras. I kept going back and forth between those and the ivory candles. You can see I went with the ivory luminaras for something neutral against all the other red, white, and blue.

patriotic lantern centerpiecePurchase everything in this photo and you qualify for free shipping, now through July 31, 2019.

Pillar Tray = Great Display

Candles make great and easy centerpieces! I chose patriotic themed candles: 4½” star pillar, 3½”  star pillar, and burnt ivory flag timer to set atop the textured metal pillar tray. The tray is a great mix of rustic and farmhouse; which makes it a perfect fit into any decor style.

The resin Americana boy and girl are KP best-sellers year after year! You don’t want to miss out on them this season, so act fast! The 28″ burlap USA flag brings it all together as a perfect table runner.

americana candle centerpiece

Purchase everything in this photo and you qualify for free shipping, now through July 31, 2019.

Party in the USA!

I hope you will recreate any of these in your home and maybe even gave you some inspiration to create something all your own! Whatever you choose, I want to see it! So please send me a picture via Facebook messenger for a chance to get featured on our social media channels!

Enjoy your gatherings with friends and family! Let me know what else you have going on this summer. Are you going on any vacations, working on home projects, or maybe just working and taking it easy? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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