About the Writer: Meet Lydia

Hi!  My name is Lydia and welcome to Notes from the Creek!  I want to take the time to introduce myself and let you know who is behind the keyboard.  I started working at KP Creek March 2017.  Along with managing the blog, I help edit our print catalogs and spend time working on kpcreek.com! I also post on our social media accounts; so be sure to follow us on  Instagram and  Facebook!  I love being able to interact with all you via social media. So that is why I am extra excited about the blog because I will get to interact with you even more!

I am from a small town in northwest Ohio and have been in the Columbus area for a little over 5 years.  It was definitely a culture shock going from small town life to city life but I’m adjusted and have grown to really like it here!  I’m a newlywed;  two years August 8, 2017.  (That’s still newlywed status right?!)


August 8, 2015, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

The scariest and most exciting thing happened October 2016…I became a mom!  Little Isabella is growing up so fast!  We love watching her grow into her big personality; she’s just so funny and smart! The mom thing has been hard but so amazing, just like everyone said :).   When I’m not at work, I am chasing Isabella around because she is a little speed crawler and pulling herself up to standing on basically anything that she can.  We are at the park on nice days.  When I manage to get some “me” time in I usually catch up on some shows, attempt to finish at least one of the many books I have started reading at various times, or getting my nails done.  Pretty simple stuff!  I’m at that stage when grocery shopping counts as my “me” time. Haha!

Baby Isabella

9 months old and happy as can be!

I can’t wait to get to know all of you!  Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and let me know what you want to read about.

6 thoughts on “About the Writer: Meet Lydia

  1. Penny Fowler says:

    Hi Lynda, KP is like having heaven on earth ! I have a KP addiction and there is no cure ! Enjoy your day !

  2. Linda L Wood says:

    Hi Lydia,
    I love looking thru KP Creek catalogs. I never intent to spend much— but. 😊 I have never been disappointed in anything. Isabella is beautiful!
    Happy fall!

    • Lydia says:

      Linda at least you start out with the best of intentions!! LOL! Thanks for being a fantastic customer! Thank you! Isabella is about to be TWO!! Her hair is so unruly curly compared to the picture here! Thanks again so much for reading and following along!!

    • Lydia says:

      Hi Lynda! Thank you so much! I really appreciate you leaving a comment and saying that! <3 So happy to hear that you have been a KP customer for a long time! Glad we could be part of your home decor!

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